Grub and Insect Control Oswego IL
Insect Control Oswego IL

Good pest management is an all-season process. If, at any time through the year, you suspect these or other pests, or if you had a problem last year, prevention could be the key. Let the lawn care specialists at Insect Control Oswego IL save your turf and your wallet from these destructive insects.

Lawn & Tree Surface Insect Control

When surface insects are posing a threat to your landscape, you need the lawn care professionals of ABC LawnWorks.
You’ve dedicated a lot of time and money to perfecting your lawn and landscape, so we’ll make sure all that effort wasn’t in vain by utilizing our superior and effective surface insect control treatments.

Our insect control applications will keep your lawn healthy and beautiful throughout the season.

As lawn care specialists, we highly recommend preventative applications. However, if insects have already invaded your lawn, we will quickly assess the problem and prescribe an effective lawn care regimen to get your turf back to optimal health.